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Super clean Laundry what can i say. This place takes care of their customers and caters to their needs. Staff are friendly and fast thorough and deliver with a smile. Their service can't be beat and I couldn't recommend them more! I know Miko in this place, he's approachable and he will help anyone as much as he can.


Great laundry service good price almost same cost of doing it yourself there but with no detergent to buy folded bagged and delivered and picked up

Kevin Schmidt

Similar to a laundromat i used to frequent back in Queens.. Except this place is much cleaner and the machines are virtually brand new being that they just recently opened this location.. Only drawback i have is the space makes you feel cramped and there arent any vending machines for refreshments.. Conveniently opened 24 hours.. I can honestly say this place is much better than the laundromat I first used after moving to Staten Island

EMillio EgBar

Is my favorite in the island and actually, I went years ago because I lived near by and even a little far from it I still go there, first is 24 hours has it's own parking lot next to many stores and CVS, the ladies that work there are very kind and the service is fantastic is always clean and you always have room to fold your clothes and chill while you wait, TV, internet and bathroom snacks and soaps good prices overall is the best from my experience I highly recommend it!

Barnard Carter

Excellent laundromat. Great location, super terrific staff. I drop off my laundry and it's ready the next day!!!!

Also my clothes are folded to perfection and small items are put together in plastic bags. I love my Super Clean Laundromat on Bay Street.❤️❤️❤️

Victoria Ferrara

This laundromat is amazing! Everyone is so nice and it’s pretty cleaned, All the workers are great as well Especially Lupe, Lupe folds clothes so neatly and takes cares of customers clothes! Doesn’t make mistakes! If you’re going to leave your clothes to get washed ask for Lupe!

Xochilt Espinoza

SuperClean Laundromat continues to do a great job!  My duvet cover and comforter have never smelt or felt better.  Awesome service all around.

Meaghan Hensen

The only place that has more then one jumbo washing machine and the prices are not bad and the employees are friendly

Abby Rose The corgi

I miss this place too bad its close. I've been going to this place for years because I live close and around the neighborhood. I have no words to express on how much appreciative I am to go to this place all the time and request a drop off laundry service. And so convenient anytime i can do laundry anytime 24 hrs.

Komi Johnson

It was the best experience I have had In a laundrymat, so clean, so kept up with and even had free internet while I waited, when I couldn’t wait there driver picked up and delivered my laundry one of the best drivers I have ever encountered, overall more then a 5 star review

Stephen Easparro

Super Clean is just that. Whether you do your own or let them do it for later pick up (which this lazy guy does). Friendly fast service.

J Droid Dennis

Best place to do your laundry after hours, if you don't want to be bothered. The attendant is very professional and the place is very clean with ample lighting.

Barnard Carter

The laundrymat is open 24/7. Late night, the workers clean each machine thoroughly, sweep and mop the floor and clean the tables. The cost to use the washers and dryers are affordable.

R Augusty

I washed my clothes here and this lady helped me so good I didn’t know how to until she helped me and my clothes were very clean after

Vice President Watermelon Jesus

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